The Miracle of Brown fat

There are two types: brown and a white fat. The majority of the fat found in our bodies is white. White fat can store excess calories and cause inflammation. Brown fat can be considered a healthy, metabolically active type of fat. Brown fat has the name “good” because it contains many energy-generating mitochondria. Brown fat, which is a good source of calories and body heat, is considered “good”. You can get the best guide on

Complex brain-hormone interactions control the body’s temperature. The result of a greater metabolism is a higher body heat. It’s just like running an engine. It gets hotter the harder it goes. The hormones which increase metabolism, in reality, increase thermogenesis. Low body temperature indicates a reduced metabolism. We have seen this as an indicator of low thyroid function. People with higher brown fat have a higher temperature and metabolism as they burn more calories to create body heat.

Brown fat can produce a specialized protein in the blood called thermogenin, which allows for the production heat. Nerves, stress hormones, and brown tissue control brown tissue. The adrenal gland and nerve cells release the stress hormones norepinepherine as well as epinephrine. This activates brown tissue and increases thermogenesis.

Although newborn babies have the highest amounts of brown fatty tissues, adults have less brown fat. Scientists discovered its presence in adults in 2009 The New England Journal of Medicine published research that was considered a medical breakthrough. Brown makes up less that one percent of the body’s fat. The neck, shoulders and area around the collar bones are where most of this fat is located. It can also hide in deeper layers of fat. The number of areas it covers varies between individuals. Younger people and people who are thinner have more of it. You lose brown fat as your age and you gain weight but it doesn’t disappear. In the past it was believed that once you lost brown fatty tissues, it would go away forever. However, it is clear that this is not true. Everyone has the potential to achieve more.