Aviation USK
Spacecraft kits:

Walking over the moon takes a single step for a man but it takes a giant leap for a mankind. Bring your space to your home by decorating with spacecraft kits. Aviation USK Bellevue is a company located at the United States which sells spacecraft kits through online. The information and assembly instructions about the kits will be displayed on websites as they are copyrighted. Our experts will safely ship your order in a short period of time with care and show you the demo of using it.

Every space modeler builds from a single kit and then develops as models. Rebuilt models are purchased for educational levels to demonstrate the working model during practical classes. A realistic model of spacecraft and rockets must be as close as possible to the original model especially in color, the features and lot more.

Realistic kits

Most of these kits are implemented in real time for the further implementation process. Among them, Hubble telescope model seems to be quite difficult to build as it takes about eight hours to complete. It is done with paper and with sharp instruments which brings out a look of real three dimensional telescopes. Many kits are designed based on the desired needs of customers either for children or project based. Every model and its design procedures will be displayed on the internet with coding and manufacturing details which helps the young generation to understand them easily which helps them to gain enough knowledge. You can check Taxi app clone  and assist them to create their own spacecraft in a useful manner.

Purchasing a product through online has both pros and cons. But our experts will never provide any dissatisfaction to our customers and make them feel comfy in placing an order. Kids will enjoy with the kits which makes them dream high and become a pilot or scientist and lot more airspace fields.  Our professionals will ship your carts in a safe manner with a proper working condition and also within the allotted time.


Maintaining these kits is not an easy task especially when it is about fighting software. But no worries, our experts are here to instruct you about maintaining every part in detail which assists to develop your own kit and launch it above the sky. Also, our experts would show the demo of maintaining the kits using a pouch of maintenance tools which will be provided along with the kit. Maintenance tools include all the mechanical instruments so that your kit can be kept clean with the good working condition by your own using On-demand “Uber for X”. Our experts will provide proper guidelines about each and every tool, their uses, way to hold everything in a bit by bit manner.

Making is a challenge

Our models include lunar prospector, Galileo (orbiter of Jupiter), Magellan, Mars Global Surveyor, and lot more models. Each and every model takes several hours of careful assembly using glue and delivers you at the doorstep on time. These kits are made of laser-cut recycled papers which bring the strong and robust nature to the kit and hence they are designed with low mass and high stiffness. Our kits are made with 100% recycled card stock which has a lot of advantages.

These kits must be used in free space with some specific criteria to visualize the efforts of latest technology and the experts in the form of a flying object. Making such a technology spacecraft kit is not just a piece of cake rather it is a summons to contest with tools and codes.

Aviation USK FAQs

1. What type of products are you selling?

We are selling Aircraft kits which are nothing but a model of existing or imaginary aircraft. These models are made from simple toy models to a miniature of original aircraft.

2. By using which material these kits are made?

They are made up with materials like foam polystyrene carbon fiber, fiberglass, bamboo, balsa wood and lot more materials to bring the original look for the kits that have made.

3. Are your aircraft kits are safe enough?

We are manufacturing these kits with at most care to deliver as a completely safe product. However, it has to be handled with care to avoid unnecessary conundrums.

4. How do I check my order status?

Within 24 hrs of receiving the order, we will ship the package. For the information, we will mail you the courier company name and tracking number with date of shipping of the package to the registered email address.

5. What can I do if an item is out of stock?

We are always trying our maximum to keep all the products in stock. However, at some pace of time, there are high demands more than our supply. At that time, we will display “Out of stock” on our websites. But you can buy your required product by notify me option, and once the products are in stock, you can automatically get notified and easily purchase your order.

6. How the products are packaged?

All the products are safely packed with bubble wrap inside a separate box. It is sealed well to ensure a safety dispatch to your doorstep.

7. What is the return and refund policy?

We have 30 days return policy. In case, if you have received any damaged products, feel free to contact us to return the product.

8. What are the payment options?

We accept credit, debit cards, and net banking payments. Cash on delivery option is also available.